Instructions for Wave Generating Water Tank

A. Setting up the Air Compressor

A1. Take the air compressor out of its box.

A2. Connect the red hose to the compressor's air-line outlet by pushing the textured grip inward and inserting the metal connector attached to the red cable, as shown below. Release the grip once the connector is inserted.
A3. Plug the compressor into the electrical socket. Turn the compressor on by flipping the switch on the right of the compressor.

A4. Turn the air pressure regulator knob (shown below) counterclockwise in the negative direction, allowing the compressor to build up the pressure to 100 psi. The noise will stop when the compressor is up to pressure.
A5. Turn the air pressure regulator knob clockwise until the desired pressure is reached on the tool pressure gauge.

B. Setting up the Wave Generator

B6. Fill the water tank to the desired level (recommended to fill up to about 20cm high from the bottom of the water tank).

B7. Turn the main switch knob (shown below) counterclockwise to turn the mechanism on. This should start to move the arm up and down. If the arm does not start to move on its own, apply pressure to the top of the machine, as shown here.

B8. Adjust the upper knob connected to the red hose to increase (counterclockwise) or decrease (clockwise) the speed at which the arm lowers. The lower knob connected to the blue hose similarly controls the speed at which the arm raises.

C. Putting the Wave Generator away

C9. Turn the main switch knob clockwise to stop the arm.

C10. Turn the upper and lower knobs on the mechanism all the way clockwise.

C11. Turn the compressor switch to the off position.

C12. Let pressure out using the nozzle on the left of the compressor tank. Pull and hold the ring outwards until the tank pressure gauge reaches 0.
C13. Turn the drain valve counterclockwise to let moisture out of the compressor tank. Once done, turn all the way clockwise for next use.
C14. Release the tool connection by pushing the textured grip inward and gently pulling on the connection.

C15. Unplug and pack up generator.

C16. Remove water and hand dry the water tank.

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